State Courts Practice Directions 2014

Part I: Introduction

1. Citation

These Practice Directions may be cited as the State Courts Practice Directions 2014.

2. Practice Directions to apply to civil proceedings only unless otherwise stated

For avoidance of doubt, these Practice Directions shall apply only to civil proceedings commenced in the State Courts before 1 April 2022 unless otherwise stated.

2A. References to “High Court” to refer to the General Division of the High Court where applicable

In respect of cases, claims, actions and/or appeals which are contemplated or commenced on or after 2 January 2021 to which these Practice Directions apply, all references to the High Court shall, where appropriate, refer to the General Division of the High Court.

3. Citation of Legislation in Proceedings

(1) Where legislation is cited in these Practice Directions, the citation shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be read to refer to the edition of that legislation currently in force.

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1) above, references in these Practice Directions to the Rules of Court and to any Order or Rule thereof, shall be read to refer to the Rules of Court (Cap 322, R 5, 2014 Rev Ed).

4. Calculation of time

The provisions in the Rules of Court (Cap. 322, R 5) shall apply to the calculation of time in these Practice Directions. In particular:

5. Updating

(1) Any addition or amendment to these Practice Directions will be notified on the Singapore Courts website at The Practice Directions will be updated on the date the addition or amendment takes effect.

(2) The complete and updated Practice Directions can be downloaded from the Singapore Courts website at

6. Forms

The Forms in Appendix A to these Practice Directions shall be used where applicable with such variations as the circumstances of the particular case require.

7. Business of the Registry

(1) Pursuant to Order 60, Rule 1(3) of the Rules of Court (Cap. 322, R 5), the business of the Registry is governed by the Rules of Court and these Practice Directions.

(2) For the avoidance of doubt, any instruction manuals which may be issued from time to time by the Government are not applicable to the business of the Registry.

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